Real Estate March 15, 2018

The North End Nexus

March 15, 2018

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Shoreline Market Trends:

Single family home prices are soaring in Shoreline. According to Zillow, home prices have risen 16.9% in Shoreline in the last 12 months and they are expected to continue to head upward an average of 5.5% through 2018.  Median sale price on a single family home as of Jan.31, 2018 was $541,500. Take a look at the average price per square foot of homes sold over the past two years (chart below).  It’s not just the fact that the Puget Sound area is a hot market with tremendous economic growth that continues to drive home prices up, it is also that inventory is at an all time low.  People are buying faster than developers can build homes.  If you have ever considered selling your home, now is the time!

Coyotes Love Shoreline, too!



While preserving and enjoying wildlife are some of the privileges of living in the Pacific Northwest, coyotes can be worrisome to some, especially owners of small pets. Pups are born in spring, which means there will be more coyote mouths to feed. Best to keep small pets supervised when outside. Here is some more information on how to co-exist in a humane and safe manner with these elusive creatures.