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The North End Nexus

April 2, 2018

As a full service realtor I strive to bring a sense of community to where my clients live, work and play. Connecting people to the things they love and need is my strategy, as is supporting local businesses and giving back to causes I believe in. Whether you are a regular subscriber or a first-time reader, I hope you will find something of value in my weekly blog. Cheers! – GC





Coffee Brewed with Heart…

That’s what their cups say, and I believe it.  Their coffee is sourced ethically and roasted with care.  The company, local to the PNW, gives back to global organizations, treats their employees and customers like human beings and… their coffee is downright delicious. 

One Cup Coffee Company now has two locations on the north side,  Shoreline and  it’s newest- Greenwood.  The Shoreline locale even has a drive thru, so there is no excuse not to try a cup.  You may even be back for another. 

P.S. – they also offer yummy locally made snacks and pastries.


Still Not Sure if You Should Sell?

Here are some projections for 2018 that might help you decide once and for all to put your home on the market.





Pollen is Upon Us!

Spring is a beautiful time of year, no doubt, especially in the Seattle area. For some, though, enjoying the blooming colors and fragrances means burning eyes, itchy throats and even earaches.   Here are some natural remedies that can bring relief.