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April 22, 2018

Today, we celebrate Planet Earth! She is beautiful, often unpredictable – sustaining life and then destroying it. She is vast and yet sometimes so small. Resilient and regenerative, she is also fragile and finite.  How we treat her is how we treat ourselves – for what befalls Earth befalls humanity.  How do you take care of our Earth?

First Time Homebuyers, Don’t Make These Mistakes!

Buying a first home is exciting, no doubt, but it can also be stressful if new buyers aren’t aware of the pitfalls of the process.  In such a competitive and vibrant housing market as the Puget Sound region, being prepared is the best way to win the deal. Read here to help avoid some of the most common mistakes that first time home buyers often make.


Furniture with Style AND a Price Tag for Every Budget

The Furniture Guy in north Seattle’s Greenwood neighborhood is worth stopping into, even if you don’t need anything in particular.  They are super friendly and I guarantee there will be something there that you must have. Modern, classic, new, consigned – they have it all- in furnishings, artwork and collectibles.  They’ve recently expanded, too!