Real Estate June 21, 2018

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June 21, 2018

Summer is here, finally! Get those fans and bathing suits out of storage, if you haven’t already.  Reminder: be safe and exercise caution when jumping into any alpine lakes or rivers during these early hot summer days. The waters are still pretty frigid and hypothermia can set in fast. Now… get outside and play!



Could the Summer Solstice Offer Clues About Life on Other Planets?

It’s the longest day of the year for the Northern Hemisphere. The Earth is tilted to the maximum toward the sun and believe it or not, this phenomenon is providing scientists with information that may help us find life in other galaxies.  Check it out!


Navigating Senior Transitions



Are you a senior considering a move? Is your loved one a senior looking to downsize or make a major change in his/her life? If so, you may be feeling overwhelmed and wonder where to begin.  After all, any move is a big transition, but for a senior, it may be the biggest transition they will ever face.

These are some of the concerns that seniors and their loved ones often have:

  • What will I do with all of my stuff?
  • Who can I trust to handle my financial transactions/estate?
  • Where will I go?
  • What about my health issues?

As a real estate professional I am comforted to have found many resources available to help seniors and their families meet their goals in a caring and compassionate way. One organization in particular that I have personal experience with is Concierge Care AdvisorsThey offer a no-cost, single point of contact that will help you navigate your options in an organized and effective way. 1-855-444-7364