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September 27, 2018  

Happy Fall! Things are winding down. It’s true. Summer activities are slowing down, daylight is decreasing and the Seattle area real estate market is definitely changing. There are more homes on the market AND slightly less demand.  This means we are approaching a more balanced market, which benefits both buyers and sellers.  Perhaps the word for the new season is balance.  This seems apropos with the equinox that just passed, ie: the darkness now comes to balance out the light.  Where could you use some more balance in your life?


The Graph Speaks for Itself

These are King County stats on what single family homes have sold for of the past year vs. what they were listed for.  This clearly shows the shifting market.

Let’s Eat!

Seattle is not only loved for it’s coffee and micro-brews, but also offers some of the best cuisine in the nation. Whether you crave breakfast, tasty treats, appetizers or an elegant dinner you can find it in our diverse and eclectic city. Grab your navigation device and get ready to take a tour of some of the  top pick eateries! 


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North End Nexus- Keeping You Connected!

August 10, 2018

Cooling off-  that’s what’s on a lot of folks’ minds these days! Luckily, we are surrounded by a lot of cool water here in the Pacific Northwest. Our waters provide so much beauty and many recreational opportunities to our landscape, but they are also home to many species that add to the richness and uniqueness of our region. Orcas, aka: killer whales, have been in the news as of late, specifically our local J-Pod.  They are particularly vulnerable right now amidst rising pollution levels and climate change.  As you enjoy the waters around Seattle remember to pack out whatever trash you may have accumulated and if you are fortunate enough to spot an orca, embrace the experience and keep a safe and respectful distance.  I don’t know about you, but I sure would love my kids and grandkids to be able to witness an orca in the wild- it’s a breathtaking privilege.


What’s All the Buzz About ADU’s?


With the current housing shortages in Western Washington there is a lot of hype lately around “ADU’s”, which stands for additional dwelling units. Many property owners are building independent living spaces on their properties, either detached or as an extension of their home. They can collect rent (which no doubt helps offset rising property taxes) and help alleviate the lack of affordable housing in this area.  Read on…

A Taphouse for the Whole Family?!

Yes, it’s true!  Broadview Taphouse and Bottle Shop in the Broadview/Greenwood neighborhood of North Seattle opened earlier this year with this goal in mind: “to provide a fun environment for folks to gather and enjoy and meet others”.  The taphouse is a kid and dog friendly casual place with an extensive list of beer and cider on tap and a rotating list of local food trucks throughout the week.  AND… what’s even more fun is the owners have added Trivia Night on Mondays and summer movies every weekend through Labor Day. Stop in with the family and enjoy a cold beverage and a movie!

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July 14, 2018

It’s hot outside and there is no better place to be than Seattle in summertime! Cold brews, 360 degrees of  surrounding water, cycling galore, outdoor concerts and some of the best iced coffee on the planet. Oh, and the sunsets until 11:00 pm are pretty cool, too.


Is the Real Estate Market shifting in Seattle?

Noticing more homes for sale in your neighborhood lately? Perhaps you’ve seen those homes on the market for longer than one week –  maybe even selling for less than they would have six months ago.  Experts have been predicting a shift for quite some time now, and statistics prove that things indeed are changing… a little bit, anyway. Read more…

Interior Color Trends for 2018

Thinking of freshening up a room or two in your home this summer or fall?  Take a look at some of the latest color trends-  yellow is at the top of the list! Click here

An All-Natural, Hand-Crafted, Plant-Based Ice Cream Experience!

It’s ice cream season, and whether or not you are vegan and/or conscientious about your desserts, you must visit Frankie & Jo’s. There are two locations- one in Ballard and one in Capitol Hill. Both have lines out the door- summer or not. That’s how delicious their stuff is. A few of my favorite flavors?  Taro Root Sea Foam (aka: heaven in a cup),  Jamocha Chaga Fudge, Berries & Fermented Cream and Salty Caramel Ash (yes, there is charcoal in there). Whatever you decide to get, you can rest assured that it is probably healthier for you than the dinner you just ate and tastier.  Oh and be sure to top your treat with Moon Goo! 

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June 21, 2018

Summer is here, finally! Get those fans and bathing suits out of storage, if you haven’t already.  Reminder: be safe and exercise caution when jumping into any alpine lakes or rivers during these early hot summer days. The waters are still pretty frigid and hypothermia can set in fast. Now… get outside and play!



Could the Summer Solstice Offer Clues About Life on Other Planets?

It’s the longest day of the year for the Northern Hemisphere. The Earth is tilted to the maximum toward the sun and believe it or not, this phenomenon is providing scientists with information that may help us find life in other galaxies.  Check it out!


Navigating Senior Transitions



Are you a senior considering a move? Is your loved one a senior looking to downsize or make a major change in his/her life? If so, you may be feeling overwhelmed and wonder where to begin.  After all, any move is a big transition, but for a senior, it may be the biggest transition they will ever face.

These are some of the concerns that seniors and their loved ones often have:

  • What will I do with all of my stuff?
  • Who can I trust to handle my financial transactions/estate?
  • Where will I go?
  • What about my health issues?

As a real estate professional I am comforted to have found many resources available to help seniors and their families meet their goals in a caring and compassionate way. One organization in particular that I have personal experience with is Concierge Care AdvisorsThey offer a no-cost, single point of contact that will help you navigate your options in an organized and effective way. 1-855-444-7364

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June 6, 2018

Welcome, June! It’s the month of summer solstice, graduations, birthdays (well, mine at least) and rhododendrons.  Warmer weather and sunnier days mean more bbq’s and picnics, maybe evening walks to the ice cream shop.  What are the things you’re looking forward to this summer? 



Trends That Add Value to Your Home

Everything has a season, even the amenities in  your home. While wood paneled walls and linoleum may not be the hottest trends (and haven’t been since the 1970’s),  some stylistic “upgrades” are popular and may even increase the value of your home significantly.  In the midst of this sellers’ market, I get asked all the time by clients getting ready to sell, “What should I do to my home to get top dollar?”  Here are some fun suggestions!  Read more

Insurance Needs?  Who to Choose?

With so many options this day and age it is hard to choose an insurance agent. You want someone who knows their stuff and who stands above the rest in level of service.  Erin Ison, a State Farm Insurance agent in Shoreline, is that person.  Carrying the reputable State Farm brand, Erin welcomes everyone and will exceed your expectations in customer service. She has a passion for helping people and is truly a breath of fresh air.

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May 21, 2018

We can all use a few more veggies in our diets, right? Indeed! Well, my husband and I just completed an intestinal cleanse- eating only fruits and veggies for 3 days. Boy was it a wonderful reminder just how easy- and delicious!- it is to add fresh produce to every meal. We feel energized, our body aches disappeared and we slept well.  Best of all, I’ve curbed my habit of grabbing salty crunchy snacks in favor of an apple or a celery stick with peanut butter smeared inside. This time of year is a GREAT time to find local and fresh produce abounding in the Pacific Northwest.  Grab your favorites and get creative. You won’t regret it!


Amazon Expanding to Bellevue?

With the new “head tax” policy looming over big businesses in Seattle,  there’s chatter that Amazon may start expansions in Bellevue. With so many folks commuting across from east side to west side,  a decision like this can render big impacts on both sides.  Here’s the speculation.

The Rates are Rising!   

We all knew it was coming… the infamous “they” have been talking about it for quite some time. Will mortgage rates in Washington hit 5%? Likely, yes… and by the looks of things, sooner than we expected.  Keep watch on the daily rates if you are in the market for a home loan. This can help you plan!


Coffee and Dog Treats, Anyone?

The Seattle Barkery is making dog-lover fame here in the PNW. A mobile food truck that serves handmade goodies for canines and their people- who can ask for a better day at the dog park?  Their treats are so popular, you may even see them for sale at local doggie day care facilities and pet stores. Best thing about the Seattle Barkery? They make custom b-day cakes for “you know who”. Find their schedule of destinations here.  *coming soon to Magnussen Dog Park on a permanent basis!

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May 13, 2018

Happy Mother’s Day!   



Just How Accurate Are those “Zestimates”?

As a realtor, I hear it all the time: “Zillow says my house is worth X amount!” My usual response to Zestimates is… take them with a grain of salt. While Zillow can be a good resource in determining a home’s current market value, it is rarely 100% accurate.  Read more   


Is Chiropractic Care For You?

Some people think of chiropractic care and they think of back or neck injuries. While injury treatment is a proven benefit of chiropractic, there are a multitude of other positive health effects this type of alternative care can have on your health-  pain relief,  improved sleep and more energy, to name a few.


North Star Chiropractic Center  -Dr. Paul Early- in the Northgate area of Seattle offers quality chiropractic treatment and a caring and friendly staff. Check ’em out!

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May 3, 2018

Days are getting longer here in the Pacific Northwest which means beautiful sunsets and more time to do the things we enjoy!  What will YOU spend your time doing during these extra daylight hours? I’ll be heading to the Bark N Brew on May 7th. See below for more details.



Preparing to Purchase a Home?

For some folks financial planning and saving come easily. For others it can be challenging. Here are some great suggestions for managing your money no matter which category you fall into.


Raise a Pint (or a soda) for Paws on May 7th


Lagunitas Tap Room and Beer Sanctuary is hosting a family friendly event in Ballard to raise money for  This non-profit organization helps find “forever” homes for pets. Food trucks, prizes and fun await! Dogs are welcomed too!



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April 22, 2018

Today, we celebrate Planet Earth! She is beautiful, often unpredictable – sustaining life and then destroying it. She is vast and yet sometimes so small. Resilient and regenerative, she is also fragile and finite.  How we treat her is how we treat ourselves – for what befalls Earth befalls humanity.  How do you take care of our Earth?

First Time Homebuyers, Don’t Make These Mistakes!

Buying a first home is exciting, no doubt, but it can also be stressful if new buyers aren’t aware of the pitfalls of the process.  In such a competitive and vibrant housing market as the Puget Sound region, being prepared is the best way to win the deal. Read here to help avoid some of the most common mistakes that first time home buyers often make.


Furniture with Style AND a Price Tag for Every Budget

The Furniture Guy in north Seattle’s Greenwood neighborhood is worth stopping into, even if you don’t need anything in particular.  They are super friendly and I guarantee there will be something there that you must have. Modern, classic, new, consigned – they have it all- in furnishings, artwork and collectibles.  They’ve recently expanded, too!




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April 12, 2018

Spring flowers bring April showers, indeed!  Despite the wet days, April is one of my favorite months. Yes, it’s colorful, days are getting longer, but it’s also the month my only daughter was born… 15 years ago. Those final days of pregnancy flood back to me each year as vividly as if it were 2003 again.  Reliving the anticipation, the exhilaration, the joy of hearing my healthy baby cry as she was placed on my chest reminds me how blessed I am and that each day is a day to be celebrated. So get out there, rain or shine, and celebrate life!- GC



Seattle Median Home Prices Keep Rising           

Just when the Puget Sound region wondered if the real estate market had reached its peak, home prices soared another $43,ooo in 30 days! Read more here.


Enjoy Summer Concerts?

If you enjoy live music, especially outdoor venues, check out some of these line ups for summer:

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